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Let the games begin.

Welcome to the official Wiki for NarutoForums Mafia players. This page is a guide that you can hopefully use to your benefit if you want to know more about the players who participate in your games or have a basic general knowledge of Mafia Games played within the forums. Over the years, Mafia Games have been extremely popular in NarutoForums, having a game hosted very frequently between different subsections within the forums. Players from all over the forums strive to sign-up for multiple games, despite the fact that they're already participating and playing in a number of games concurrently - only a testament to how established these games are.

To view and play Mafia games on NarutoForums visit the Mafia Section of the Konoha Arcade.
There are also dedicated fanclubs for these games called the MAFIA FC and Townies Gonna Town; which this wiki will be used in conjunction with.

What is Mafia?

Here is a wiki explaining the finer points of the game:

Here is an easy-to-read flash breakdown of basic gameplay: Rules of Mafia
Here's an extended of Roles of Mafia
These links form the basis of forum-based mafia games, but games at NarutoForums take on their own distinctive flavor and are typically much larger and more chaotic. And more troll filled.

Here's our circle jerk. You should probably read it.
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